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When recording this music, the instruments I used were a Takamine E341C, Martin DCX1E, and a custom Kaneli'a ukulele made by Joe Souza in Oahu, Hawaii. The amp I used for playing the instruments and singing was a Peavey KB/60. The microphone is a Shure Beta58/A. Recording through a Shure 57 into a PC using the software Creative Recorder. On a few recordings I used Digitech Vocalist Performer to duplicate vocals. There was no overdubbing or layers added. Recorded as a wav, then cleaned the hiss with software called Cleanwav. After cleaning then I used the software called Audacity to tailor the beginning and ending of the songs. When converting the wav file I used Creative to transfer to mp3.

Some of my recordings.

To copy a song to your pc, just right click on the song link, then click "Save Target As" then you could place it anywhere on your computer.

 Coming Into LA - Arlo Guthrie Version

 Even The Losers - Tom Petty Version

 Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash Version

 Here Comes The Sun - George Harrison Version

 In My Life - Beatles Version

 Teach Your Children - CSN&Y Version

 Fire and Rain - James Taylor Version

 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - CSN Version

 Pinball Wizard - The Who Version

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